Maru plans world-class libraries for universities


Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Richard Maru is keen on improving university libraries for quality education in PNG.
Maru said the government agreed to continue promoting free and quality education and he wanted all universities to have a world-class library where student could have access to quality education.
He said the department had a discussion with the University of PNG management on development issues and have discussed the upgrade of the Michael Somare Library and he would be waiting to see a proposal on plans to make it a world class facility.
“Since I am the planning minister, I am keen to see a proposal from UPNG on when and how we can bring the library up to date and what resources we need,” Maru said.
“I have stopped going to the library. Although it carries the name of the grand chief the library is not world class and the books are outdate.
“I want the Somare Library at UPNG and all the libraries in other universities to have the same world class facilities where students have access to internet, latest books, etc.”
He said the libraries should be as good as the ones in other countries otherwise we would not get that quality education when more students are enrolled.
Meanwhile, Maru also proposed to have an alternative mode of university education which would be open campuses, to cater for the number of student completing year 12.
He said the open campus should not be part of a university but an open university where more students could enrol.
“I want to look at a model where we have an open university that is bigger and more students accessing university education in the future. I want the see more Papua New Guineans enrol and the enrolment number going up.”
He said he was happy with what the universities were doing but he was interested in how they would take this issue forward in this term of Parliament.