Maru promising hospitals for districts

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DISTRICTS will have their own hospitals, National Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru, pictured, says.
Maru said the Government aimed to build district hospitals in this term of parliament so that people could enjoy basic healthcare in their districts.
The plan includes the training of healthcare workers.
“We are also looking at working with the health minister to develop proper healthcare training centre for our hospitals,” he said.
“Having hospitals is one thing and having the human resources to run and serve in the hospital is another.
“We will also be opening a nursing school in Wewak and assist the one in Vanimo.
“We are aiming to bring nursing training to the next level as well.”
Maru said nurses would be trained to be specialists in different areas so that hospitals would have enough manpower.
He also said the government was planning to bring in doctors from India to serve in the district hospitals.
“I would also like to thank developing partners for making it possible for the government to deliver a better healthcare system for the people.”