Maru reveals 30-year target to put PNG in world’s top 50

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National Planning Minister Richard Maru says he wants to see Papua New Guinea among the top 50 developed nations by 2050.
He was speaking on Thursday during the unveiling of the PNG Development Cooperation Policy (DCP) 2018-2022.
Papua New Guinea is currently ranked 156th out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index, according to the United Nations Development Programme.
“That is a long shot as we have to compete with 155 other countries before we get there,” Maru said.
“Our vision that we must get there in 30 years’ time.
“Our biggest needs are infrastructure like roads, electricity, undersea cables (communications) and so on.”
Maru said the very first DCP was in 2015.
“With a review of the policy due, my department undertook a consultative process in May 2018 to look at the achievements this far, the challenges and how best we go forward,” he said.
Maru said that they found during the review that provinces and districts were benefitting from donor funds.
“This practice was creating unequal distribution of resources across the country,” he said.
“We cannot leave others behind.
“We also found out that donors come here with their plans that had worked in other countries expecting it to work here, which in most cases, do not work here.
“On the utilisation of technical advisers, aid received by PNG is likened to boomerang aid with large components of development partner-financed programmes employing many foreign technical advisers. “In addition, there is limited skills and knowledge transfer between international technical advisers and local counterparts.
“That trend must stop as we want more locals to take the responsibility to take on these jobs.
“I know you experts don’t trust PNG experts, but in this policy, we want you to provide assistance and capacity to this programme to support our departments.
“You must get PNG experts and all expert position should be advertised for Papua New Guineans only.”