Maru to roll out projects soon

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

ALL members of parliament promised to deliver basic services for their people during campaigning are now strategising how to put their plans to action.
One such leader is the new member for Yangoru-Saussia, Richard Maru, who said his plans were ready and he would be rolling them out soon to have his impact projects ready and moving by January.
“I promised to build a new university for my electorate and the groundwork will start in January 2013 so I can keep my promise to my people,” he said.
He said he would build a new district hospital and high school for his electorate as he had promised to deliver the two projects before the next elections in 2017.
“I believe as a leader we should start from the basics by delivering the neediest services such as infrastructure, health and education and not dream of achieving the unachievable that will take time and consume a lot of funds,” Maru said.
He said among his prioritised projects would be infrastructure because he had experienced that it was an urgent need for his people.
Maru said he would make sure to keep his promises to his people but urged them to be patient.