Masiu calls for change


South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu, pictured, has urged former warring factions in Konnou to use the experiences of conflict to build a better society.
Masiu said the conflict was a sacrifice for a price that had to be paid for the sake of peace in the community of Konnou.
He said, however, since peace was established five years ago, the people must change their mindset and allow government services into their communities.
Masiu and Autonomous Bougainville Government Minister for Police, who is also the Member for Konnou, Willie Masiu joined their people for a commemoration church service recently to mark the fifth anniversary of the Konnou peace agreement and reconciliation ceremony.
Mogoroi is the site where the peace reconciliation ceremony took place in 2011 to symbolise the ending of hostilities between the warring factions in the constituency of Konnou.
Masiu congratulated leaders of the factions, including Damien Koike and Cletus Noibio, for their willingness to lay down their weapons and ensure peace to make way for women and children to live their lives peacefully.
Masiu surprised his people when he announced that he also witnessed the 2011 peace ceremony because he was always heart-broken to read and hear about the continued fighting and loss of lives among his Konnou people.
Masiu urged the people to change their ways and develop positive attitudes towards to progress Konnou from being the last to become the top community in South Bougainville.
The South Bougainville MP made a commitment to erect a monument at the Mogoroi peace site as a reminder to the people to uphold peace at all times.