Masiu: Don’t dwell in the past


MEMBER for South Bougainville Timothy Masiu has urged the people of South Bougainville to look ahead instead of dwelling in the past.
Speaking during the recent presentation of a cheque of K100,000 for the renovation of the parish priest’s house at Konnou, Masiu urged the people to be proactive, think positively and move forward.
“I am calling on the people of Konnou as well as the people of South Bougainville to become visionaries and not prophets of doom,” he told the parishioners.
“I want you all to know that God, in his goodness, made human beings and placed the two eyes in the front of our heads to look forward and look ahead.
“God did not place the eyes at the back of our heads to look backwards. That is why I am calling on all of us to think into the future and become agents of change.
“Change is something that must happen, and the timing is right for change to take place in our constituency, our electorate and our region of Bougainville.
“It is happening now and therefore no one must be left behind. We must all stand up, hold hands and move forward together.
“There is no room for fence sitters and daydreamers.”
Masiu said the Konnou area has gone through so much and thanked the churches for playing a pivotal role in bringing the people together.
He said it was imperative that as partner the Government must assist the churches.
“I want to say again that I will continue the support church programmes under the DSIP funding,” he said.
“This will again continue this year.”
Churches that have received funding support from the member’s office include the Catholic Church, United Church, SDA Church and other smaller denominations.
Masiu also urged the people of Konnou to brace themselves for changes as the result of the Tonolei timber resource development.
He said the Tonolei project would contribute to changes in the people’s lives and raise the level of development in Konnou to another level so the people must organise and be ready for the changes.
Masiu said Konnou has always been regarded as the least developed area of South Bougainville and the project would change that perception forever.
“I, therefore, urge the Konnou people to embrace, cooperate and be ready for changes that will come because it’s (the project) impact will also change our lives and the way we live, for the better.”

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