Masiu wants Bougainvilleans to change mindset

A Siwai cultural group that travelled from Siwai to take part in the Independence anniversary celebrations in Buin town entertaining the crowd. – Picture supplied

SOUTH Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu has a strong message for Bougainvilleans to change their mindset and contribute practically towards building an independent Bougainville.
Masiu was critical that a lot of Bougainvilleans were playing politics with Bougainville’s independence and contributing nothing towards building a strong foundation for independence.
“This is what we should be doing in Bougainville,” he said.
“Look at avenues that are open to us on Bougainville and work on them.”
Masiu said this when he celebrated the 46th PNG Independence anniversary in Buin on Thursday.
“Don’t just talk about independence,” he said.
“We must have a dream, a vision.
“We must have something and must do something.”
Masiu said Bougainvilleans should change their mindset and free themselves of corrupt practices alleging there was so much corruption in the region’s public service and creeping into leadership.
“So much is being said about a lot of money from ABG going missing without a trace – where is it going?” he said.
“We are talking about creating an independent nation but at the same time, we are creating obstacles and hardships.
“The onus is on us, my people.
“We must come to reality.
“We should have learnt and by now, we should be turning the wheel of change and moving towards prosperity.
“Let us look at the issue in a holistic approach so that we lead our people to prosperity and not despair.”
Masiu said once was enough.
He also used the occasion to pay tribute to past MPs of South Bougainville.