Masked teen charged with intention to commit crime

Mazuc Rubiang

Police in Madang have charged a 17-year-old man who was wearing mask with the intention to commit a crime.
Madang police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said the masked man went to the river at Sek outside Madang town and tried to get the attention of a girl doing her laundry at the river.
He said the frightened girl raised the alarm, prompting others to rush to the river and arrest the teenager.
They handed him over to police.
In another incident, a man suspected of a break-and-enter incident was also arrested.
He had a homemade gun.
Police believe he was one of those involved in petty crimes in town.
“I am appealing to youths having in their possession illegal firearms to surrender them to their community leaders or police,” Supt Rubiang said.
“When you have weapons, you will want to do things that are criminal in nature.”
But he said the law and order situation was improving Madang province.
“I want all petty crime offenders to change and do something productive (for themselves),” Supt Rubiang said.
He also urged the community leaders and the people of Madang to report to police those who have weapons in their possession.

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