Masono:Supplies ready for B’ville atolls

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FOOD and medical supplies for people affected by rising sea level on the atolls of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will soon be delivered, assures Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) deputy administrator for policy Raymond Masono.
Masono said K200,000 had been secured for the transportation and supply of relief assistance to the people of Cartarets, Mortlock, Tasman and Fead Islands.
“We will be transporting the supplies of rice, biscuits, flour and medicine to the 3,000 people affected as soon as the vessel, mv Solfish, which we hired from the Solomon Islands arrives,” he said.
He added that officers from the health, education, community development, primary industries and technical services divisions would be also be onboard mv Solfish.
“Officers from these respective divisions will be assisting with delivery of the relief assistance and at the same time assess the food security situation and the people’s health status,” Masono said.
He also pointed out that food shortage was a critical issue for the people on these atolls, saying: “Local food supply is dwindling due to the rise in sea level destroying food gardens.
“Also, the lack of proper shipping services to the atolls has not helped the situation.
“The people rely on trade store goods from Buka Island.
“But with ships making irregular trips to the atolls, this has added to the food security concerns of the people,” he said.
On Buka Island, more than 2,000 islanders are still recovering from the impact of more than four months of heavy downpour.
The rain destroyed food gardens and water wells and brought about a rise in thieves stealing from village gardens.
Masono said relief funding had yet to be secured depending on the recommendation of the Bougainville disaster office, which has yet to assess the situation and determine the level of assistance required.