Mass surrender to law

Locals from Madang who surrendered to the Madang police for crimes they have committed. The majority of the men who surrendered were from the Transgogol area and South Abenob, following weeks of awareness on law and order issues in the province. More than 270 men are waiting to be processed and charged. – Picture supplied

MORE than 300 men have surrendered to Madang police for various crimes including arson, rape and cult activities among other offences, police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang says.
He said 272 of them were from the Transgogol area.
Supt Rubiang said 83 had been processed and 25 of them were arrested and charged with wilful murder and sent to Beon jail.
He said a further 36 men from South Ambenob surrendered and were being kept at Jomba cell to be screened and processed.
According to police reports, the majority of the men said they wanted peace and normalcy to return to their communities and had turned themselves in following weeks of law and order awareness by stakeholders in Madang.
Meanwhile, Supt Rubiang said three major car accidents were reported in Madang on Saturday.
He said youths from Yabob were thrown off the back of a truck near Murukanam in the North Coast.
One youth, a grade 10 student at Tusbab Secondary School was seriously injured during the accident.
In the second incident, a truck collided with a bus full of children and parents on Gogol bridge.
Police said children on the bus were from Nobonob who were returning home from a church camp in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, when this accident occurred. The injured were taken to the accidents and emergency outpatient at the Modilon hospital for medical assistance.
Police in Madang have reported a car accident on the north coast highway.
A double cab and a 10-seater collided.