MasterCard links up with BSP

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The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

INTERNATIONAL visitors in Papua New Guinea for business or pleasure now have the benefit of using the world renowned MasterCard on BSP’s extensive ATM network nationwide.  
BSP head of marketing Julie Fraser said the availability of MasterCard on BSP ATMs would provide greater security compared to cash and reduce the use of traveller’s cheques.
The acceptance of MasterCard on BSP ATMs is yet another testimony to the commitment BSP has in making banking easier, convenient and safer not only for its customer base in PNG and the South Pacific but for foreigners visiting PNG.
“More than ever, we know that consumers are increasingly looking for ways to get more from the financial services industry and it is our commitment to provide services that are flexible and convenient.
“In PNG and the Pacific countries, all banks have a simple products offer and simple service model … we want to raise the level of service to clients to a level you would get in Australia and elsewhere,” Fraser said.