Matane congratulates Zurenuoc on award

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 FORMER governor-general Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane has congratulated Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc on being awarded a knighthood.

Zurenuoc’s award was announced by Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio among 88 others on the Queen’s Birthday honours list.

“Lady Kaludia and I humbly congratulate him for receiving knighthood as I understand he is the only one in the country who received the knighthood this year,” he said.

He thanked authorities for recognising Zurenuoc’s commitment to the country, saying he deserved it.

“He is highly honest, committed and a very hard working public servant – he deserves it,” Sir Paulias said in Kokopo yesterday.

He congratulated all other awardees and urged them to work hard in serving the country.

He also called on public servants to work hard saying being true leaders and public servants meant putting in the extra effort to deliver services to the people without expecting to be recognised.