Matane to launch two new books

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 23rd April 2013

 GRAND Chief Sir Paulias Matane is likely the most active and influential author in the country.

The former governor general’s 48th and 49th books will be officially launched by a former prime minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu in Kokopo on Friday. 

“Before the end of this year, my 50th and 51st books, the biggest ever written by myself, will be published,” he said.

Sir Paulias indicated that these could also be his last books.

But his legacy will continue with aspiring writers such as 26-year-old Benedict Warkwakai who book titled My Graduation will also be launched by Sir Rabbie.

“My encouragement since 1986 when I asked PNG citizens to write books about many interesting things in our beautiful nation created a lot of interest,” Sir Paulias said.

“You will be surprised how many of our PNG citizens have written books throughout our beautiful nation.”

While encouraging new writers, Sir Paulias reiterated that books were one of the most important tools for education and development. 

His two books titled Understanding Papua New Guinea and Books for National Development were co-authored by Indian associate ML Ahuja,who is also the publisher of all three books to be launched this week. 

Ahuja said: “Through co-authorship in today’s global scenario, our books cater to the need of people in diverse cultural and national requirements when the local authors adapt books to their requirements.”

“The book combines the traditional and modern approaches of marketing and publishing books especially in the era of e-publishing. 

“The present book is intended to bring a new vision and approach in the publishing industry.

Since the book deals with almost all the aspects of publishing industry and provides reasonable details of the whole gamut of activities in publishing, it should prove an ideal textbook for courses in publishing and reference book for all the key publishing personnel and librarians to work effectively.

“After all, publishing of books is a socio-economic activity and the publishing industry can contribute to our national development if right kind of approach is followed.”

Also to be displayed for sale during the event will 17 of Sir Paulias’ books.