Matave: Give projects priority

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 EAST New Britain administration sector heads have been told to prioritise their projects and programmes following a review of the province’s budget plan.

Acting provincial administrator Wilson Matava said on Monday that among issues of implementation was the need to pick out the main and important projects.

“The first quarter is important to take stock of what we have done for the first half of the year and what we have not done and to further take on responsibilities,” Matava said.

“It is important that we adhere to challenges that have been laid out to us, especially in terms of implementation of government policies.”

Matava said the province had received K6 million that had been allocated to the four districts but because the release of funding from the National Government was slow, sector heads need to prioritise where immediate funding should go.

He said it was important to know the priorities of implementing the District Services Improvement Programme funding so that if they had lapsed in the past six months, there had to be another review at the district level to accommodate other means for other districts.