Matriarch of Malala passes on


What more can we say of this great person, who passed on, on Wednesday, the June 6 at 10am, American time, which is in Papua New Guinea time, approximately 2am last Thursday.
It was about a month after her 87th birthday, just a year after Sr Jane Frances Millane had returned to her home state, Iowa.
Sr Jane’s heart was truly in Malala, Madang and PNG. Although, she may have gone, her memories and spirit will linger here in Malala forever.
So many things can and had been said of her as a teacher, nun and a principal. But one important value I have learnt from Sr Jane is to always do your best and you will reap rewards.
She truly did reap the rewards of her work on earth when on her way back to the United States, on May 1, 2017.
Coincidently, one of her very own ex-students captained an Air Niugini airbus, flew her out of Jackson’s International airport in Port Moresby, to Changi International Airport in Singapore, where she later transited to the United States.
Now in the next world, she is truly reaping more rewards of her labour.
In simplicity she came, with simplicity she has returned to the Father, whose spirit had sent her.
Sr Jane Frances Millane returned to the United States in May, 2017, after celebrating her 86th birthday in Alexishafen, Madang, on the April 23, 2017.
She was from the congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.
A tribute to Sr Jane Frances Millane, SSpS (April 23, 1931 – June 10, 2018)

The Spirit was good
And your dedication
Was food
The kunai grass of Malala
Blossomed the fragrance
Of a flower
It spread so fast
That heads turned
To catch a part
Lingering entirely
Forever will we
Remember the eternity
Your legacy remains
Like the root of a kunai grass
That sucks and retains
May God richly bless
The fruits of your work
To God we confess

  • Sophia N’Druwin is head of the language and literature department at Malala Secondary School.

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