Matupit SDA women taught basic nursery skills

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The National, Thursday 30th May 2013

 WOMEN members of the Matupit Seventh-Day Adventist church underwent training on basic nursery and transplanting skills last Monday.

It was facilitated by the Fresh Produce Development Agency in Rabaul to help mothers grow food for their families in their backyard gardens. 

The women and families in Rabaul town have been badly affected by the destruction brought by the volcanic eruptions.

Coordinator Harold Kalawa on behalf of the women thanked the Agency regional extension adviser Elizabeth Melchior and extension officer Sera Kakulai for the informative and practical guide. 

Kalawa said the programme supported the provincial government’s agricultural plan to help families be self-sustainable in earning extra money. 

He said after almost 16 years since the Rabaul volcanic eruption, soil fertility on Matupit Island had increased but the people ignored it and moved to urban areas.

“The islanders have been living off fish and wild fowl eggs and the introduction of this concept will help families to be healthy,” he said.

Kalawa said Rabaul used to be known as the hub of fresh tropical garden produce.

The main churches have been targeted starting with the Seventh-Day Adventists, followed by the Catholic and United church plus other smaller factions. 

He said the women were asking for the support of the local MP, LLG representatives and Matupit Islanders residing outside the province. 

Anyone willing to assist can contact 7167 3338.