Maxtone-Graham clears funds allegations

National, Normal


ANGLIMP-South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham says the K800,000 committed for HIV/AIDS in the district was also for other health services as well.
Mr Maxtone-Graham, responding to various allegations raised by leaders of the district regarding the money and non-funding of Minj Health Centre said certain amounts ranging from K20,000 to K100,000 had been allocated for district health services, including HIV, by the joint district planning and budget priority committee (JDP&BPC).
The MP told The National yesterday that he did his job by sourcing funds and bringing money into the district and it’s the JDP&BPC that decides how and where to use the funds.
Mr Maxtone-Graham said there had been a misunderstanding that the K800,000 was committed solely for HIV/AIDS alone.
That’s why people who have been involving in the HIV awareness and other stakeholders had raised allegations that the funds were used elsewhere.”
Mr Maxtone-Graham, said there was no direct funding for HIV for the district but he wanted to set an example by initiating the funds.
“Out of the K800,000, he bought two vehicles for HIV/AIDS at the cost of K160, 000, K100,000 to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital for construction of sewage, K20,000 to K30,000 for 50 HIV response sites for awareness training.
“The remaining balance of the funds were allocated to district aid posts and health centres, including Kawil SDA Health Centre (K30,000), Aviamp Tea Aid Post (K30,000), Anglimp Health Centre (K30,000) and another K30, 000 for Minj-Mu sub-health centre which is yet to be released,” he said.
He said the K500,000 commitment for the Minj High School duplex dormitory would be released directly to the service provider once the scope of work and design had been submitted to the JDP&BPC by the school and the contractor.