Maxtone-Graham is not walking his talk

Letters, Normal

WE, the people of Kunumbka tribe in Anglimp-South Waghi, want our MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham to deliver his election promises.
He should be addressing issues in his backyard which are affecting the people instead of wasting his time addressing national issues.
Many basic services in his electorate are in appalling state, especially health, an area that is close to his heart.
If he were to visit the rural aid posts in his electorate, he would see the awful situation first hand and know that he is not walking his talk.
The Bible says: “Remove the speck in your own eye before you remove the speck in other person’s eye.”
It would do the MP well to remember this.
As he is not holding any ministerial portfolios in the government or a key leader in the opposition, the member should commit most of his time on his electoral projects or seeking development funds under the many government and donor development programmes than trying to address national issues which do not affect his people back home.
Come on, Maxtone-Graham, it is time to walk your talk and regain the respect and trust of your people.


Dorum Munnul
Mt Hagen