Maxtone-Graham leads Jiwaka regional race

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

THE Jiwaka provincial seat PNG Party candidate Jamie Maxtone-Graham is leading the count with 11,713 votes after count 143.
Graham is followed by former National Alliance party president Simon Kaiwi on 9,128.
Paula Enn Murunga is trailing with 8,946 votes.
United Resource Party candidate Mai Dop is leading in Jimi open with 8,218 votes. Sitting member and PNG Party candidate Wake Goi is on 7,827.
United Resource Party candidate Dr Fabian Poka maintains his lead in the North Waghi race with 8,219.
People’s National Congress Party candidate and sitting MP Benjamin Mul is second with 6,362, Paul Wan  3,888 and William Molumb 2,691.
Businessman and PNG Party candidate Ruman Joe Kuli is the leading the Anglimp-South Waghi seat with 11,297 votes after count 78.
He is followed by Pawa Wai on 10,708 votes while Komun Joe Koim on third with 9047 votes and William Roimb on the fourth position with 6,959 votes.
Security manning the gates was tight as people were checked properly before entering the counting center.
The counting also is running smoothly without any hiccups as counting officials were very careful to create any silly mistake.