Maxtone-Graham upset with public servants

National, Normal


ANGLIMP-South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham is upset that public servants in the district have failed to implement district services improvement programmes (DSIP).
Reacting to the various concerns raised, Mr Maxtone-Graham said: “There appears to be no control over the public services.
“When I attend joint-district planning and budget priority committee meeting and other important occasions, all appears to be fine.
“But if the concerns raised are true, then it is the district administrator and his staff’s responsibility to ensure that the public services machinery is running and the DSIP implemented effectively.
 “If the head of the public services machinery is not doing his job, then all the DSIP will fail and that is why we get criticised.
“The public servants must be in the office to perform their constitutional duties to ensure that the people get maximum Government services,” he said.
Recently, concerns were raised by various leaders in the district that the public services machinery was dysfunctional for many years.
They alleged that district administrator Kimin Gokumie had been operating from Tsigmil village, some 100km out of Minj town and the district treasury had not been operating since it opened two years ago.
When The National visited the district office several times to verify the allegations, the doors to the district administrator and treasurer’s offices were locked.