Mayor raises concerns on deteriorating h’way condition

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THE Kumalu River in Mumeng, Morobe, and the deteriorating condition of the Bulolo highway are a nightmare to businesses and people travelling there.
Wau-Bulolo mayor Sogga Gaumina said many people were injured, vehicles damaged and properties stolen when flooding forced traffick to stop.
The road from Wau to Bulolo, Mumeng and Lae is unpassable at certain sections.
The road is used by truck operators, coffee buyers, alluvial miners and trade store owners.
“The Kumalu River and the Bulolo highway are eating away our time and money in doing businesses.
“Why is the Government turning a blind eye? We’re losing profit each day and risking our lives,” Gaumina said.
“It is painful to passengers, trade store owners and coffee buyers when locals from Kumalu take advantage by harassing and knifing them then stealing money and cargo.”
He said women were often targeted by drug addicts.
He called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Minister for Works Michael Nali to assist Bulolo MP Sam Basil in fixing the problems.
“If it means building an overhead bridge like in Port Moresby or a tunnel, then let it be. Wau-Bulolo has contributed billions to the nation since the colonial era. We deserve something back.”
Business representative Utupa Pakiani said the cost of goods and services had risen while some stores had been forced to close.