Mayur starting project soon


MAYUR Resources Ltd is close to developing the country’s first iron and industrial sands project in Orokolo Bay, Gulf, with its mining lease application being assessed by the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).
Mayur Resource Ltd managing director Paul Mulder told The National that the MRA had already received the application being lodged earlier this year for the company’s K60 million project and assessment had already began.
He said it was not a large project, however, the benefits would be for the community included job creation both direct and indirect, also considering that it was a sustainable mining activity inland from the coast.
An added post mining of multiple mechanised sago operations at the mining site that would replicate similar facilities that International Finance Corporation (IFC) and French energy firm Total had already established further up the Purari River.
“We are ensuring that prior to us beginning the mining, everyone must be clear on the direct and indirect benefits as well as sustainable ongoing benefits,” Mulder said.
“We can’t say when the MRA will have the project assessed.
“That is their internal processes.
“But if you compare projects such as Wafi-Golpu, this project is well over 100 times bigger than what we are proposing in capital construction cost and is more complex and much larger in scale.
“The initial benefits will last for 15 years with follow on sustainable mechanised sago plantations to continue well after this.
“We feel that this could be assessed in an expedient manner as it will benefit many parties and is not complex, involves no chemicals and can be commenced in a much shorter timeframe.”
Mulder explained that the project should not be confused with any sort of sand mining on beaches as it was an ancient buried paleo-geological formation deposit inland, away from the ocean where normal mining practices would be applied in accord with the Mining Act.