Mayur still fueling coal debate


THE 200km coal seam in Gulf is contributing to energy mix in the country, says developer Mayur Resources.
Managing director Paul Mulder said Papua New Guinea imported a lot of heavy fuel oil for power generation while it had its own gas and coal supplies.
He said PNG’s energy consumption per capita was 50 per cent below World Bank standards.
“Why is it that in the last 40 years, PNG still only has 13 per cent of electrification?” Mulder said.
“Why it that PNG is different to everywhere else in the Asia-Pacific, where everyone else can have 80 to 90 per cent?”
He said PNG’s energy mix had 40 per cent reliance on liquid fuels, hydro 37 per cent, gas 16 per cent and geothermal seven per cent.
“Heavy fuel oil and diesel are linked to the volatility of global energy prices, and drain foreign exchange reserves,” Mulder said.
“Is it fair? Should PNG be able to use its own coal and displace high-polluting and higher-cost imported heavy fuel oil and diesel?
“NEC (National Executive Council) has stated that all forms of energy shall be used for power generation and Conservation and Environment Protection Agency has approved this.”
“Coal is a critical enabler for a transition to a sustainable energy mix, and the backbone of economic growth in developed world.
“PNG critically needs a view of how electricity demand drastically increases when power prices are reduced by adopting all energy forms at much lower prices than today.”

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