MCC has failed in its obligations to Papua New Guineans, says Sir Arnold

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MADANG Governor Sir Arnold Amet says he is unimpressed with how the Chinese Metallic Company (MCC) is handling its obligations to the people.
MCC is the operator of the Ramu nickel mine.
“MCC has some social obligations towards the people which need to be addressed but they have failed.
“The people should be allowed to participate in the development as well as looking into their social concerns that will adversely impact their lives.
“MCC and the National Government should also ensure better consultation with the people who must be well informed of issues that are likely to affect them,” he said.
Sir Arnold said the mine should make it its business to organise a road show to inform the people of the environmental impact the mine is creating.
Sir Arnold was angry at how isolated the company was in its operations in the province and lack of concern for the livelihood of the people.
“The people must be of paramount importance to the developer and the State,” he said.
Sir Arnold said he was unaware of the proposed coral reef blasting and the stakeholders like the Mineral Resource Authority, and the Department of Environment and Conservation should inform the people and the provincial government of their activities.
“If any new development is taking place, besides what has already been approved, the people need to be informed,” he said.
The management of Ramu NiCo said they invited Sir Arnold, Fisheries Minister Ben Semri, Madang provincial administrator  Joseph Dopar and other members of Madang provincial executive council to Ramu NiCo Madang office for a consultation meeting last Friday to maintain close consultation and dialogue.
They said they exchanged ideas on matters and concerns including the implementation of MoA duties, relocation exercises, and land title disputes.
They said Ramu NiCo would continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure Ramu DSTP will be built in accordance with high industry standard and employ the best available practices.
The implementation plans have been continuously updated to the Department of Environment and Conservation, which recently granted the confirmation following document review and site inspection. 
Madam Luo Shu, president of Ramu NiCo and  Sir Arnold agreed to facilitate regular consultation meetings leading up to the project commissioning stage.
A formal consultation meeting involving more local stakeholders including landowners has been tentatively scheduled for late March or earlier April, while regular exchange of information between the management and the provincial government agencies will continue.
Ramu NiCo said they will be conducting awareness programmes withproject area landowners.