MCC intent on local economy

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RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) has, to date, awarded K80 million worth of business contracts to landowner companies for its spin-off businesses.
It has also paid more than K5.1 million in environmental and land compensation to landowners since 2006.
Speaking at the 2010 Women in Mining and Petroleum Conference in Madang last week, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd president Luo Sho said six community assistance projects under project MoA were completed last year.
The projects include a primary school, a health centre and agricultural assistance.
 The company created two model farms which are used as training centres for local farmers.
Ms Luo said MCC management work with joint-venture partners to ensure that projects are completed on time and  that benefits are delivered to stakeholders and landowners.
“My view is that important players in private sectors, like mining and petroleum, need to join hands with the Government to address communal problems.
“At Ramu NiCo, we are committed to an investment philosophy of win-win cooperation and sustainable development.
“The company has carried out economic and social development assistance programmes extensively in project affected areas to fulfil its commitments.
“I believe mining companies in PNG can complement the Governments development plans by working towards boosting and contributing to related industries and other areas like education, medical and social causes in project areas,” she said.
Ms Luo said Ramu NiCo was proud to join OK Tedi, Lihir, Porgera, and other mining companies as essential project developers  to expand PNG’s economy.