Mea will conduct refresher courses in Tabubil

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 NATIONAL basketball development officer Ronnie Mea will be in Tabubil at the invitation of the Tabubil Corporate Basketball (TCB) organising committee to conduct a referees and coaching clinic.  

In a meeting last week, Tabubil executives announced that Mea, pictured, would be in Tabubil just before the finals to conduct the clinic.

“Teams participating in the finals must nominate and submit names to the executives or match officials,” executive member Bobo Keme said.

Keme said Mea and another technical officer would officiate at the grand final matches with course participants.

Other items discussed at the meeting included the finals and format.

Finals are set for June 23 and the grand finals scheduled on the July 14.

She said all teams would be playing for a spot in the following order, Garry Lee Cup 1-4 (top 4), Plate Challenge (5-8), Bowl Challenge (9-12) and President’s Shield Challenge (13-21).

“TCB will see if they can send a team for the All Stars in July, timing may not permit it,” she said.

TCB is planning a ‘Basketballathon Challenge in August to raise money for the One Heart One Nation Foundation, Tabubil’ and the TCB Awards presentation night.