Media to be monitored

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

POSTINGS on social and mainstream media will be monitored by the newly established National Security Joint Task Force, says Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.
He said threats on Facebook and blog sites, which were becoming prevalent, would come under the scrutiny of the task force.
“Any threats in the form of social media, you (mainstream) media as well without checking the facts and your report is a threat,” Lupari said.
“Any politician who issues threats through press conferences, petitions by landowners – those are potential threats to national security – they will come under the scrutiny of the task force now established.”
Lupari said the rights of citizens to freedom of expression was not being stopped, but, “you have to do it within the confinement of our laws”.
“You can’t take the law into your own hands because the Constitution provides you that liberty,” he said.
“You have to respect, and if you don’t respect those liberties, then you are abusing and have gone beyond the boundaries of those laws.
“That then becomes unlawful.
“There are those citizens who attack me, destroy public property, just because of this notion that the Constitution gives them the right to do this.
“This is absolutely wrong.
“The law gives you the right, but the right is a qualified right.
“You must operate within the laws of this country.
“You have to respect the liberties and rights of every citizen of this country.”