Media urged to use simple language

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THE media is being challenged to disseminate the possible effects of climate change and related issues in a very simplified language for the people to understand.
This was the challenge by various stakeholders of climate change, including landowners, individuals, and non-governmental organisations and development partners, at the three-day PNG Media Council media conference in Port Moresby this week.
Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Chris Moraitis, said communication was one of the keys to good development, getting out strong messages; understanding the challenges and working together on solutions in areas where the media could play a strong role.
“People need to know what’s going on, people need information, people need to discuss the issues on climate change and people need to be heard.
“That is your job. I can hardly think of an issue where this need is greater than complex and fast-moving topic of climate change.”
Mr Moraitis said that with issues like carbon trade, it was imperative that forest owners and other stakeholders in PNG understood where things currently stood.
He said it was important to put these issues into a global context because that was where the environment in which PNG must operate.
A human rights activist and lawyer, Damien Ase, said in order for the information to be disseminated, media personnel must be involved in every meeting or consultations as partners in addressing climate change and its impacts.