Mediation turned ugly

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TWO vehicles were set on fire after a peace mediation between Western Highlanders and Engans turned violent at the Waigani Kone Tigers Oval in Port Moresby on Sunday.
According to a report from the National Capital District mediation committee deputy chairman Watson Tim, two senior mediators Stanley Kaka and David Ipo alleged that the Engans’ confronted the Western Highlanders when they arrived at the site.
The report alleged that the fight broke out between the Merean Malipini tribe of Enga and Kinambit tribe of Baisu, WHP, because the Western Highlanders group arrived very late for talks which frustrated the Engans.
The mediation was supposed to start at 2pm but Western Highlanders allegedly arrived at around 5pm.
Waigani police station officer in-charge Sgt Steven Lucas said that they were still waiting for both parties to come forward to lodge formal complaints.
“We are yet to know which party is the complainant in this matter before we can pursue the matter to arrest those who were involved in burning the vehicles,” Lucas said.
The peace mediation was related to an accident which occurred at Hiritano Highway that claimed the life of an Engan man, Newman Mas John, 26.
John lost his life in a vehicle that was allegedly driven by Samuel William, from the Kinambi tribe in WHP, to travel to Gulf for betel nuts.
The Engan group is demanding compensation from the Western Highlanders to repatriate the body home to Wabag.
A mediation was conducted by both parties at Vadavada on Wednesday to settle the issue, the Western Highlanders presented K10,000 to the Engans’ for “bel kol” (peace) however, the Engans refused to accept the money, claiming that repatriation was costly and they wanted a fair compensation.
The matter was then deferred to Sunday where a fight started. Two vehicles were damaged.


  • We the tax payers of this country are living in fear everyday. Our tax money should be used for health and other important services for the Papua New Guinea. Instead it is going through cleaning up rubbish and mass created by beetle nut sellers, lap-flap sellers etc. I am seek and tired of seeing unemployed people roaming around the city and creating a lot of law and order problem for everyone. This land belongs to law abiding citizens of this country, the Motuans/Papuans. We are sick and tired of seeing aggressive Engans taking over whole of Port Moresby city. Can the VAGRANCY ACT be imposed ASAP Please.

  • Was the Engan man deliberately killed or was it an accident, lets sit down & weigh these things before the next course of actions. We are adding fuel to what is already burning, ……

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