Mediator urges warring tribes to make peace

National, Normal

The National, Friday 30th December 2011

A  PEACE mediator has urged two warring tribes to restore peace and stability in their area.
John Mark told people in Kimil, North Waghi, Jiwaka, to live peacefully.
Mark was speaking during a peace reconciliation ceremony last Friday between the Tongaiamp and Fourkays clans which was attended by more than 5,000 thousand people.
During the ceremony, leaders of both clans vowed to avoid further conflic­t and Mark told them to live as one community and not create enmity for the sake of their children and mo­thers.
He said in-fighting would benefit no one and trouble would affect both communities.
“We have some of the largest plantations, government services and church institutions – including schools and hospitals – in the area that need peace and stability for normal operations to provide service.
“We must promote peace, education for our children and business in the area to improve our livelihood and not conflict,” Mark said.
Acknowledging the Fourkays and Tongaiamp clans for their reconciliation, Mark said North Waghi was known for peace and the conflict was the first of its kind in the electorate.
He said God had intervened to restore dignity in maintaining peace .
He thanked the Kulaka tribe leaders for their contribution in negotiating peace in the electorate.