Medical equipment to boost health care for Manus

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 MANUS residents are expected to receive better quality health care following the  delivery of new specialist medical equipment to the Lorengau hospital from Australia.

The first batch of new equipment to be received includes blood pressure monitors, instruments to check eyes and ears and devices to check oxygen levels in the blood. 

More  equipment to arrive will include an ECG (electro-cardiogram) machine for screening heart abnormalities and a monitor for baby temperatures and wellbeing. 

The equipment is part of an additional support package to Manus  by the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Australian High Commissioner to PNG Deborah Stokes inspected the equipment with Lorengau hospital chief executive Dr Otto Numan yesterday.

“This essential equipment will build Lorengau hospital’s capacity to meet the needs of the Manus community,” Stokes said.

“The additional support package for Manus is delivering on-the-ground assistance – and there is more to come in health care, education, roads and activities for youth.”

Numan said the equipment would make a significant impact on health services.

“The Lorengau hospital is privileged to receive this valuable medical equipment which should significantly contribute to improving the quality of patient care,” he said.

More than 20 types of equipment and instruments worth K1 million are being provided.

The additional package includes funding to renovate the water system for the hospital’s dental clinic and development of a master plan. 

Work on the water system is expected to start later this month and the final plan is expected to be finished next month.

PNG government has provided K18.5 million to the provincial government for projects in Manus and Australia is expected to match it.