Medical ship delivers services worth millions of kina

The National,Thursday June 23rd, 2016

MEDICAL ship, mv YWAM PNG, has delivered K60 million worth of services to the people of Papua New Guinea since it was purchased in 2014, chief executive office Ken Mulligan says.
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international Christian organisation involved in providing medical services on board ships to unfortunate and remote communities around the world.
Mulligan was in Lae on Monday to give a report to stakeholders in Morobe on the ship’s activities after it concluded two weeks of patient treatment visits to 24 communities in the Huon Gulf area. The Morobe government has invested K3.2 million in the YWAM medical ship’s programme.
Mulligan was accompanied by director Brett Curtis and other YWAM officials from Australia.
“This is very much a team effort to come together and work together,” Mulligan said. “More than 130 people over the last two weeks can now see. Among them is Bray, a 17-year-old boy who has been suffering from cataracts in both eyes for two years.
“It is a simple operation but a very profound one,” he said.
“The impact it has on the community is just phenomenal. Our team on board is made up of many people who are doing many different things.
Mulligan said the PNG Government chipped in K5.5 million to assist in the purchase of the K13.5 million catamaran during its fundraising in 2014.