Medicine given to health centre

Health Watch

A HEALTH centre in Astrolabe Bay, Madang, has received K5,000 worth of medicine from the Ramu NiCo Ltd (MCC).
Ileg health centre nurse Gabriel Puap thanked the company for its continuing supply of medicine on a quarterly basis.
The medicine to treat tropical diseases are for the four health posts in the area.
The Ileg health centre serves more than 19,000 people, including wards one to seven of the Astrolabe Bay LLG.
The company has been supplying medicine since its construction phase began in 2009 to the health centres at Ganglau near Basamuk, Ileg in Rai Coast, Usino and Enekuai in Usino-Bundi.
The district hosts the company’s major operations, including the nickel-cobalt mine and the refinery.
The Ramu NiCo community affairs department coordinated the medicine supplies to the health centres.

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