Medicines wasted in urban health clinics

National, Normal


MANY rural health centres and aid posts are in dire need of basic medical drugs while some urban health facilities are wasting medicines that can save lives.
The National visited the Modilon General Hospital last Friday and found many boxes of expired drugs for disposal.
Among the expired drugs and supplies were contraceptive pills, malaria tablets and many other medicines.
A medical officer said such drugs could have been used to save lives of many rural people who have been dying because of the shortage of drugs.
Another officer told The National that the drugs were donated but were no longer fit for use after the expiry.
The frustrated officer, who requested anonymity, said the people in Josephstaal, Bogia, Usino-Bundi and the Rai Coast areas were in dire need of medicines and other medical supplies but big hospitals did not make any attempt to help health centres with their surplus of drugs.
He said the Health Department should arrange with the hospitals to ensure that the drugs did not go to waste by donating the surplus to outstation health facilities.
The officer said whether it was a gift from donors or supplied through the Government’s medical stores, the drugs should be used and distributed equally to all people instead of leaving the drugs to waste.
The National also found such drugs and medical supplies being sold at markets without proper prescriptions from doctors.
Stores were also seen selling drugs without proper process and approval from the Health Department.