Medivac plan for district

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

WEWAK Island local level government, the most disadvantaged LLG in Wewak district, is partnering with a helicopter company to help in emergencies.
The arrangement, the first for any LLG and district in East Sepik, will see K20,000 under the health sector from the 2013 LLG services improvement programme funds deposited with the helicopter company to help in the evacuation of patients from the islands to Wewak General Hospital.
President Pius Bugatar said many lives had been lost over the years when people were faced with a “life and death” situation but could not be rushed quickly to hospital. “I treasure life more than anything,” he said.
“Similarly, a human being is more precious than an angel in God’s sight. Therefore, when there is a life and death situation, our LLG must provide hope for our people,” Bugatar said.
“The helicopter service will be restricted to emergencies like complications during delivery and snakebites where victims require urgent medical attention.”
Bugatar said another K30,000 from the health sector would be evenly distributed to all 21 ward areas on the Shoutern and Wewak Islands to complement the work of “Marasin Meri”.