Mekere: Elect me as PM and get free education

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OPPOSITION leader Sir Mekere Morauta says he will reintroduce free education if he was elected Prime Minister.
“Foreigners can come to PNG and take our timber, fish, gold and other resources away but they cannot take away our human resources.
“That is why I believe strongly in investing in education,” he told hundreds of cheering school children, teachers and parents in Port Moresby earlier this month.
Sir Mekere told the Catholic church-run Sacred Heart and Eki Vaki Primary School students and teachers that education was the basic right of every child.
“All children must be provided the opportunity to attend school. Many of you are young but, as the older students, teachers and many others know that when I was Prime Minister, I introduced free education.”
Sir Morauta presented eight boxes of library books to each of the schools on behalf of the Boroko Rotary Club.
“The library is the heart of any school. It stores valuable learning materials for students to acquire knowledge.
“Look after the libraries, listen to your teachers and parents if you want to be successful in life,” he told the students.
Sir Mekere said the two schools would soon receive double-seater desks as part of his initiative to provide more than 5,000 desks to schools in his electorate.
Hohola Demonstration School was the first recipient of 104 double-seater desks.