Memafu Kapera is NBC saviour

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011

 I READ with interest the article, “NBC board told to probe management” (The National, Jan 13). Never in NBC’s 37 years of existence has any managing director tried to put in expenditure controls and looked seriously at development initiatives for self sustainability.

In less then one year in office as the acting managing director and people are already starting to write Kapera’s report card, what a shame. 

The former management have left the place with a lot of debt (K19 million) with staff morale at its lowest despite injected with K21 million by the national government in 2007, there is no visible change in all of NBC nationwide yet this same people meet under the rain trees to cook up rubbish and lies to destabilize and derail the progress that is been done and seen so far at the NBC.

This actions and allegations of a few reflects to the general public that the management of Memafu Kapera is working and has stepped into and destroyed their comfort zones where financial commitments were done without approval and due processes and procedures not been followed rendering a poor state of affairs in the past but now that the house is been put in order there is unrest, this is typical of Papua New Guineans and is an insult to the majority who are willing and committed to support Kapera in his endeavor to change the NBC.



Carlo Okmakapma

Port Moresby