Members must listen to the people

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to the elected members in Jiwaka, Chimbu and Eastern Highlands.
The people have given  you the mandate to represent them in parliament.
You should take a look at the people who voted for you.
They are like people who long for their parents to return with goodies.
They are silent, yet lo­ving and caring.
They do not care what is given to them.
The pig killing and mumu have been done in Alotau without the candidates contributing and it is about to be served.
The elders have decided who will receive which part of the pig’s meat.
If the late Sir Iambakey Okuk and Sir Sinake Giregire were there, they would find a place for you to sit, make you feel welcome, give you sugar cane to chew and drink despite your late arrival.
They would also demand a bigger piece of the pig’s meat.
The Eastern bloc people do not wish for you to come home empty-handed because the mumu has al­ready been distributed.
If your contribution to-wards the mumu is not needed in Alotau, and of course it is, then there are two other mumus.
No one will take away your mandated seat except your people who voted you, so listen to their silent cries.

Stanley Sirifave
Via email