Members urge superfund: Rethink decision, let us buy land

Jason Mikmik

SOME members of Namabawan Super Ltd (NSL) are calling on the management and board of the superfund to allow them to purchase the land they are currently occupying at Saivara Estate in 9-Mile, Port Moresby.
The contributors who are among other taxpayers residing at Saivara and Bushwara fear that the worst may happen to them resulting in the loss of their properties.
“NSL which has made millions from us and must not evict us but give us the option of buying the land we are on,” representative Jason Mikmik said.
Mikmik is an employee of the Department of Petroleum who has been residing at Portion 2157 for the last four years.
“I’m calling on the chairman of the NSL board and the management to rethink their strategy. We are the contributors and we are already here,” he said.
“All they have to do is allow us to purchase this piece of land on part portion 2157 and 2159 at Saivara Estate and NSL to partner with us in further developing the land as it already as road access, power and water connected.”
Mikmik along with another 140 contributors have obtained their housing advance from NSL and have constructed permanent houses and connected water, electricity and installed tank sewerage systems at their homes at Saivara Estate.
He said NSL failed to advise its members against constructing houses on part portion 2157 and part portion 2159 during the consultation process for the housing advance.
Mikmik called on NCD Governor Powes Parkop and North-East MP John Kaupa to intervene.
Comments by Mikmik were triggered by latest media statement from NSL in which the fund said that National Capital District Commission (NCDC) had approved for NSL to continue fencing Saivara Estate/Bushwara area which NSL has title over.
Meanwhile, Peter Roi, who worked for a mining company, appealed to NSL to allow the settlers to buy back the land they are on.
“I call on NSL management and board to rethink its strategy and allow the people to pay for the land over a period of time,” Roi said.