Members vow to develop province

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

PARLIAMENTARIANS in Jiwaka have promised to work together to develop the province.
The leaders assured the people at Banz during the swearing-in of the first assembly members last Wednesday.
The parliamentarians, Governor Dr William Tongamp, Jimi’s Mai Dop, North Wahgi’s and Defence Minister Dr Fabian Pok and Anglimp-South Waghi’s Komun Joe Koim, promised the people they would work together to bring tangible developments into the province.
“It is not a time of making comment and talking but a time to work for Jiwaka,” Dop said.
“If we, the leaders, can cooperate then you (people) must show your unity and work together to move the province a step ahead.”
Koim said as a new province, they would contribute ideas to develop it.
He said if leaders showed their support for the province “then nothing is hard for Jiwaka to face changes”.
Tongamp urged the people to change their mindsets and know that they were on their own.
“We are no longer a part of Western Highlands but a province of our own,” Tongamp said.
He said if national leaders were coming together to work for the province, he believed Jiwaka would move ahead in terms education, health and in other areas.
He said nothing would change if the people do not change their way of living.
“This is very important and the first thing is to change our lives and never create division among the electorates,” Tongamp said.
He said people must not say they were from Jimi, Kambia or Wahgi but to say that Jiwaka was for one.
“This will be a way forward for prosperity and success and is good for Jiwaka as a new province.”