Men and women are equal


MEN and women are equal, but not the same.
If you believe that women are not equal to men because some book tells you so, then you and your favourite book need to be thrown into the fire.
I have had it with all these religions telling us how inferior women are to men.
The levels of innovations that humanity has accomplished until now would not have been possible without women and men working together.
Granted, women were viewed differently back then, but they were equally important.
If women are inferior to men then what do you have to say about the genius that was Marie Curie?
What about the female inventors like Letitia Gear who invented the medical syringe?
Other female inventors like Stephanie Kwolek (kevlar), Marion Donovan (disposable diaper), Tabitha Babbitt (circular saw), Virginia Apgar (Apgar Test, which evaluates a baby’s health upon birth), Maria Beaseley (life raft), Ida Forbes (electric hot water heater), and the list goes on.
If you claim to be superior to women then what have you done that benefits the human civilisation that surpasses these women?
I am not going to just sit by and let you self-important men declare half of the human population to be superior to the other half just because your god says so.
That sounds childish and arrogant.
Believe in whatever fantasy that suits your limited perspectives of the world but that doesn’t give you the right to impose your archaic and misogynistic beliefs on everyone else.

Ned Umber

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