More men getting vasectomy


By Martha Deruage
The number of men getting vasectomy has increased in the country, an official at Marie Stopes says.
Malmee Weerasiri said vasectomy, a permanent sterilising method for men, had become popular over the past few years.
She said three provinces where the procedure has become more popular than others are Eastern Highlands, Madang and the National Capital District.
According to the report from Marie Stopes, the largest provider of sexual and reproductive healthcare in the country, numbers have grown from just 17 men in 2009 to over 1400 in 2015 in urban and rural communities.
“The interest rate for men to opt for vasectomy has increased over time,” Weerasiri said.
She said methods used  in the procedure were safe and the non-scalpel vasectomy technique we use is fast, simple and non-invasive, minimising the risk of infections and complications.
Weerasiri said they engaged with provincial health authorities to take services out to the remotest parts of the country. “Our staff are everywhere advocating people and encouraging them to take the contraceptives methods for their family.”
She said they helped people by advocating them for their health and to minimise the population increase in the country, too.
“Getting to remote places is a challenge itself because sometimes we walk, we get on boats and canoes to reach our destinations.”
Weerasiri said the challenges they faced when delivering services in remote places were transport  and safety of their staff.
She said Marie Stopes had reached 15 provinces and would expand.