Menai must explain expenditure

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 17, 2010

THE people of Karimui-Nomane call on their MP Posi Menai to explain to the people how he plans to use the DSIP funds.
We want to know what his plans are for the district.
We want to know what impact projects he has lined up.
He is a two-term MP, yet there is hardly anything to show in the district.
As we have not seen any impact project, we want to know what is happening to the DSIP funds.
We also want to know what he has acquitted and where the money went to.
The K10 million allocated to each MP for DSIP is not exactly chicken feed.
If Menai cannot tell us how he spent the money, then we call on the Ombudsman Commission to look into his books.


Oiobe community