Mendani starts independence celebrations with tours tomorrow

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The National, Thursday 13th September, 2012

INDEPENDENCE celebrations in Kerema, Gulf, will start with tours of the Malalaua, Kerema Central and Kotidanga districts by Kerema open parliamentarian Richard Mendani.
Mendani’s independence trip starts at Popo village tomorrow where he is expected to open celebrations with
traditional dances and sporting activities.
A helicopter ride to his home district, Kaintiba, in the hinterlands of Gulf, is on the agenda as well.
“This will be the member’s first official visit to his electorate since
becoming the newly elected member for Kerema,” electoral officer Joel Mirihao said.
“Groups from different villages will welcome their member with traditional songs and dances followed by sporting activities.”
Mendani will visit infrastructure in his electorate to see firsthand the state of roads, bridges, schools and hospitals before he can make submission to his Joint District Priority and Budget Priority Committee for funding.
The Kerema town is placed as the economic corridor to the vast multi-billion kina liquefied natural gas project said to be the single biggest revenue generating project for Gulf and the people need to be ready for the growth.