Mendi calls in mobile squad units

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013


TWO mobile squad units are in Mendi, Southern Highlands, to protect business houses and government buildings during the counting of the LLG president ballot papers.

Acting Southern Highlands provincial police Commander Insp Sibron Papoto said that the extra police officers were brought in after some places in the province had witnessed fights among supporters. He said two weeks ago, a fight among supporters forced innocent people to flee for their lives. 

The fight, which started at a ward near town, continued into the town.

He said business houses and government buildings had to close and people fled from flying missiles which rained down from all directions.

“The two mobile squad unit and police from Mendi will make sure that no disturbance occurs during the counting and people must behave,” he said.

He said people’s political difference must not be brought into the town. He condemned the killing of a man by the son of a former councillor at Embi ward one in the Nembi-Pletau LLG of Nipa-Kutubu district two weeks ago.

“The suspect used a shotgun to commit the barbaric killing in front of hundreds of voters who were there to elect their leaders,” he said.