Mendi hospital awaits K2.5 million from govt

National, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mendi General Hospital is still waiting for a report from the Department of Health on the K2.5 million given ear­lier in the year by the go­vernment for overdue renovations of facilities there.
Hospital chief executive officer Joseph Tu­rian said that a team from the department visited the hospital two weeks ago but they were still waiting for a report.
“Once we have the report, we will know who will handle the project,” Turian said.
“Hopefully this will happen in a month.”
The K2.5 million will be used for:
* Sewerage upgrade; 
* Water supply upgrade, including two 20,000-litre tanks; and 
* Upgrade of electrical water pump  and fire system.
Turian said the K2.5 million was with National Planning, which was waiting for the report and approval for the project to go ahead.
He said other projects under way at the hospital were the renovation of the PNG Eye Care Unit and the construction of a two-storey doctor’s housing block for six doctors.
He said construction of the homes for doctors was nearing completion, with tiling and painting yet to be done.
The hospital has completed its five-year strategic implementation plan 2012-15 and had it approved last week.
Turian said Mendi hospital had completed a corporate plan and was focusing on bigger and better things to come.