Mendi hospital phone lines need fixing

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The National, Tuesday, June 7th 2011

FAULTY telephone lines at Mendi General Hospital
in the Southern Highlands have not been repaired for almost a month, chief executive officer Joseph Turian says.
He said that was affecting services provided by the hospital.
Turian said there was a communication crisis in the hospital as all internal extension lines were out and needed to be serviced urgently.
He said the extension numbers were out and hospital staff were unable to communicate internally using telephones while incoming calls could not be transferred.
He said telephones were an important aspect of hospital operations as they made communication easier and saved time.
He said with telephone communication, efficient and fast medical treatment could be given to patients.
Turian said it had become a concern, especially during emergency cases when doctors were at home and needed to be contacted.
He said security guards were often sent to summon doctors to the hospital but there was no way the doctors could call to confirm the emergency.
He expressed dissatisfaction that communication within departments was very hard.