Mendi leaders get late allowance

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013


VILLAGE court officials and land mediators in Mendi, Southern Highlands, have been presented with new uniforms, a Toyota Landcruiser and were paid six months outstanding allowances.

Local MP De Kewanu delivered the items and paid their allowances at the Muniun station last week in front of officials, villagers, invited guests and family members.

Kewanu said court officials played a vital role in maintaining law and order in communities but had been overlooked for a long time.

He said they worked hard to maintain peace in their communities and deserved better treatment from the government.

“Even though they were not properly looked after, court officials had continued to play vital roles in ensuring peace.

“I will continue to support law and order officials in the electorate to carry on with their good work when serving the people.”

Kewanu also presented a new 10-seater vehicle to the chairman of the peace and good order committee, Yaungtain Koroba, to ease the committee’s transport issues.

Disrtict affairs officer Masa Apon said his people had been ignored for a long time and he thanked the MP and his committee for looking into the needs of law enforcement agencies in his electorate.

Meanwhile, Kewanu also announced a K700,000 road upgrading project from Kundap turn-off to Kip in the Lai local level government.