Mendi locals asked to protect town


MENDI town manager John Nolpi is calling on communities living around the town to help protect properties from thieves and vandals.
He said people believed that most break-ins and stealing in town were done by people living around the town.
He said people felt the pinch when government, businesses and private organisations withdrew their services.
“The town has been sitting idle and no improvements have occurred in the past years due to mismanagement and I am now trying to change the face of the town,” Nolpi said.
“All I need is support from the surrounding communities, especially youths. We can work together to improve the image of the town and fight against illegal activities.”
“Most business houses in town are owned by locals and they must support by paying their fees and also help clean rubbish at their shops.
“I know over the years fees paid by business houses were not used to improve services at the town and now most of them are reluctant to pay but we have to start over again.
“Business houses, the surrounding communities and the town authority must work together to help improve the town after learning from the past mistakes.”