Mendi locals listen to candidates’ views

National, Normal

The National, Monday June 24th, 2013

 THOUSANDS of people in the Lower Mendi local level government gathered in Yaria village at the weekend to witness 21 presidential candidates exchange gifts and give speeches.

The event was organised for the 2,125 people living in four council wards at Yaria village – Yaria one, Yaria two, Koya and Rombeta – who flocked in with their leaders to hear the candidates speak about their aspirations.

The local people’s objective was to maintain leadership in their community, gauge interests of candidates and to ensure a violence-free elections.

Event organiser Mark Tupia said the village had a primary school, a health centre, an abandoned road that led to Koya, the last village in Imbonggu district and rural electrification project which had power pylons already installed.

“The people are concerned about these services. They want a leader who can bring services and improve infrastructure that had been abandoned for some time,” he said.

He said people had the freedom to choose their leaders. The Yaria community has agreed to vote someone who can be fair, has a heart for the people and is a good orator, person who can speak for the people.

The event was hailed a success with the community getting together to slaughter pigs and host a feast for the people.

They also contributed K50 each which was given to the candidates as fuel money and live pigs were exchanged to strengthen ties.

Intending candidates packed the scene with their voters who will be giving them the first vote, while second and third preferences will be the main agenda all were interested in.